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Szukana fraza: [Abstrakt = We have successfully designed and demonstrated a co\-planar waveguide \(CPW\) Mach–Zehnder \(MZ\) electro\-optic \(EO\) modulator using a strip\-loaded waveguide structure. The hybrid material, easily synthesized by sol–gel process, with a large EO coefficient of r33 = 50 pm\/V and a long\- \-term stability at 80 °C for 200 hours is selected as the active layer. A simple and easily fabricated strip\-loaded waveguide structure is designed for utilizing the EO material and reducing the coupling loss with optical fiber. The optimized design principles of the efficient transmission for such a modulator are discussed. The measured half\-wave voltage Vπ of 8.5 V for the MZ modulator is gained at 1550 nm and shows a good agreement with the simulating result]

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Gao, Weinan Sun, Jie Sun, Xiaoqiang Yan, Yunfei Gao, Lei Zhang, Daming Gaj, Miron. Redakcja Urbańczyk, Wacław. Redakcja


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