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Search for: [Subject and Keywords = contaminated military sites] OR [Subject and Keywords = miscanthus] OR [Subject and Keywords = biomass production] OR [Subject and Keywords = proved phytotechnology] OR [Subject and Keywords = behavior economics] OR [Subject and Keywords = zanieczyszczone tereny wojskowe] OR [Subject and Keywords = niewykorzystane grunty] OR [Subject and Keywords = produkcja biomasy] OR [Subject and Keywords = ekonomiczna wartość] OR [Subject and Keywords = studia behawioralne] OR [Title = Phytotechnologies with biomass production as a sustainable solution for military land revitalization] OR [Creator = Pidlisnyuk, Valentina] OR [Creator = Erickson, Larry] OR [Creator = Stefanovska, Tatyana] OR [Creator = Pidlisnyuk, Iryna] OR [Creator = Davis, Lawrence]

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Gołąb-Bogacz, Izabela Kotecki, Andrzej (1952- ). Promotor Piszcz, Urszula. Promotor

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